Stranger – Interlude 1

Happy Hallowe’en friends! I know I have been keeping the Stranger love away from you as I work with Ricky Lima on the Deep Sea Graphic Novel, but I still have to get my zombie fix in every once and a while. In celebration of the upcoming night of scary things, here’s something I’m calling an interlude. I was thinking of doing this every once and a while to make sure I don’t COMPLETELY lose you all. I’ve worked hard to earn your attention and I certainly don’t want you to think I am taking that lightly. Stay Awesome! See you soon!


Are you still working on Stranger?

I don’t want to have to finish the story myself to continue it.

Oh and well done with your other work.

The web comic is still appreciated!


Hey thanks so much! Currently Stranger is on a bit of a hiatus. I am working on a Graphic Novel called “Deep Sea” which I hope to have done this spring. I will, in fact, be resuming “Stranger” afterwards to complete the story. Additionally there are some cool things in the works for Stranger that I hope to reveal soon. Thanks for checking out the site!

As a follow-up I’m always happy when people are able to move beyond that first issue, which I still love, and get in to the story and I hope to just keep challenging myself to make it better and better.

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